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Wings of Prey is a stand-alone game providing the gamer/simmer with an incredible and quite realistic experience of flying the old warbirds of the 2nd World War.

Graphics, sounds, textures and the over-all experience is really good. The flight dynamics of each aircraft is in my oppinion, better than what could have been expected.

The game features both a in-depth tutorial together with both an offline and online game entry. In the offline game you can select either single missions or complete campains featuring a variety of aircrafts and missions in both air-to-air and air-to-ground mode.

I have tested this game using the Warthog A10 HOTAS configuration from ThrustMaster together with F16 Combat Rudder pedals from Saitek, Tracker IR5 from SmartBytes and toggle switch modules of my own creation that are connected to the computer using an USB connection through a PCB from DeskTop Aviator => All works perfectly and are easy to program/assign in the game.

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